Nothing to match it!

As far as the fans of the American football are concerned, you would not see and not come across a game such as this. Even though it is called football, the feet have nothing to do with holding the ball. It is all played with the hand carrying the ball. This is a game that is very particular to the United States and many people find it very strange right from its name to the way it is played. To top it all, the fan following of the game itself and the stars of the game, you find it so as well. There are people who would sit for hours together watching old matches of the highest trophy called the superbowl.

The finals are here!

Now that the finals here, and the listings and the venue and the schedule is all settled and planned the fans of the game have their own roles to play as spectators in the stadium of hard rock in Miami and the finalists happen to be the Kansas city chiefs and the san Francisco 49ers who have come up against all odds and sending home many teams in the way.

Who are you with?

The two teams that have come towering over so many other teams all of them efficient have the biggest field to win and the fans have a choice to make as to whom they stand with in this finals of the superbowl.

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